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Campervan Dresden, Germany

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After a night of comparative luxury and pub food in London we jetted off to Dresden, Germany to pick up the camper. She looks to be a mid nineties model with a few lumps and bumps but clean and comfortable all the same. It’s big enough to leave the beds made up so saves a lot of hassle every day. Getting to our first camp site was a bit hectic. We had to drive through the city on the wrong side of the road in a 6m tank after not having driven for 2 months. I was a little testy you could say. It put the wind up me a bit and we haven’t moved for 3 days. Looks like 3 months in Dresden! We have spent the last couple of days getting the van ready and stocking up on food and essentials like beer and wine. Living in such close quarters doesn’t leave a lot of space for privacy and it’s not so bad for the men but when Pat needs to do lady things space can be at a premium. Worst case scenario happened when due to lack of space and time a grey hair was found in her head..still attached so no-one to blame. Ohh the humanity! A quick trip into town under lights and siren if it were allowed and straight to a hair dresser is on the cards. Perhaps some councelling.
We have marked out a kind of itinerary that should see us making a massive circle through Prague, Austria, Croatia, Turkey for Anzac day, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland and back through Germany. Spain, Portugal and Morocco will come after Ireland. Hopefully all will go well and by avoiding the motorways as much as possible we should see and experience a lot. The camper comes with four pushbikes and we’ve already had a couple of them out exploring. It’s the best way to see an area and to find the hidden gems. We all managed to lose some weight through a combination of travelling and forced diet change in Asia however I think that may change in Europe. The food has been delicious and more like home except a larger choice. We are suddenly preferred customers at the bakery and afternoon drinks yesterday was a salami, brie, cream cheese stuffed peppers, marinted olives served with water crackers and washed down with a cheeky French Cab Sav ’ no less. Dinner was steak, potato dumplings and veges. It sounds strange talking about food like it’s the focus of our day but when you have been living on rice, fish and what’s that? for two months you tend to have cravings. I haven’t even mentioned the jam filled donuts, the hot knackwurst sausage in a roll or the really cheap beer. All this talk is making me hungry…. Lightly fried bacon with egg and toast soldiers. Andiamo.

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