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Dubrovnik, Croatia

sunny 23 °C

After nearly being blown off the campsite we packed up our tin can and headed for the old town of Dubrovnik. It was supposed to be an easy drive down the coast promising more spectacular scenery. We were turned around by the police just after starting out because the wind was considered too dangerous for vehicles on the coast road. The detour was over a considerable mountain range and added about 3 hours onto the trip but for all the hassle it was probably worth it. The mountain range scenery was very nice and a surprise was the snow on top. We eventually crawled into Dubrovnik and made camp at a small site about 7km's from the city. Again on the water and stunning. The walk to the beach and cafe's is a little longer but just helps improve the appetite.
Dubrovnik's old walled city is the jewel in the Croatian crown. The walls encircle a medieval old town that has been in existence for over a thousand years. During the war in 1991 the Yugoslav army did their best to destroy the old city but all they managed to do was draw international condemnation for the bombings. The aftermath was devastating to the city but it looks like most has been repaired and re-built to it's former glory. The restoration must have been painstaking and there is still some work going on. For the most part the only way you can recognise new from old is new roof tiles and new pointing on the block work. The old marble cobbles appear to be unscathed as well as the monuments that seem to adorn every building however if you look a little closer shrapnel damage can be easily seen on most of the facade's. Old Dubrovnik still has a large population that lives within the walls however most of the general area is taken up with restaurants, cafe's and souvenir shops. There is a lovely easy feeling here that life seems to be run at a slower pace, maybe a legacy from the war but life seems to be appreciated more and enjoyed. Old people as well as young frequent the cafe's for a glass of beer or wine and just seem to share the day's news. For a better view of the city we climbed the old walls and had a birds eye view of life here, I must say it looked pretty good. Beautiful views, bright sunshine reflecting off pristine water and a great vibe coming from the cafe's. Add it to the list of places I could live for a while.

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sunny 24 °C

We made good use of the motorways today and made a line for Croatia. We were starting to go a little stir crazy not being near the water so it was time to smell the salt air. We are heading down the length of the country following the coastline that promises to be spectacular. Stopping in Senj for a night or two won't be a problem. The problem will be moving on. The water is crystal clear and our camp site is literally on the water. Matt's already started fishing. All for the bargain price of 20 euros. Sundowner drinks today will be a sober affair after last nights effort. Three and a half hours on Skype with John and Lorraine K left us with a couple of sore heads this morning. Patti and I have retired hurt for the evening so its tea and a good lay down. Amateurs! We will have to put in some serious training if we are even thinking of competing in Dublin.

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