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We planned on staying one night in Innsbruck and then pushing on for the Romantic Road in Bavaria but as always the best laid plans can easily go astray. Firstly Brenton and Matt wanted to go down hill mountain bike touring so they organised a guide and some bikes and took off. P1040711.jpg Decided we liked it here so decided to stay another day. Matt convinced me to go down hill mountain bike riding with him so this time without the guide we set off for “thrill hill” . Must say it’s a bit off putting when your riding partner scoots ahead and stops just to see if you’re going to smash into a tree or go over the handle bars. P1010822


2P1010820.jpg The looks of anticipation and disappointment on his face were priceless. I managed to make it to the bottom a couple of times due to the little unknown fact that in my youth I was a BMX bandit. The only one who “ate dirt” was Matt. I didn’t laugh for that long when I saw him rolling down a hill, maybe two minutes maximum!
We were all set to head off again but this time the camper decided to get a bit steamed up and so after half an hour it was a return trip to the camp site. Back into the old town again. This time I couldn’t shake Brenton, he could smell a free feed and tagged along with us until we made for a Pizzeria. The food servings are huge and once again after devouring a massive cannoli filled with ham and cheese with a half litre of beer I have been wracked with guilt and have put myself on a diet.P1040708.jpg Soon there will be less of me to love….. there are a few skeptics in the camp alreadyP1040696.jpg

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Prague to Graz

sunny 23 °C

I'll be the first to admit I am not the world's best driver, it's not that I lack the skills it's I tend to lack the concentration level that is required over a long period of time. My hat goes off to long distance drivers of heavy vehicles ( tipped to you Mal!) who can maintain vigilance and not kill themselves or anyone else on the road. My trouble started when we left Dresden for Prague. The main thing wrong was the lack of coverage of the GPS. Hire company must of thought it hilarious to give us a GPS without maps. It did have some maps, only the ones we didn't need like Scotland and Sweden. Anyway to cut a long story short, after going up streets the wrong way, nearly being cut in half by a tram and running up gutters designed for roman carts and not six metre tanks we finally made it to a camp ground on the other side of town. We only made it there after buying our own GPS in an electrical shop that we just happened to pass completely lost. God must have decided enough was enough. We were wrecked afer what was supposed to be an easy day. the following day made up for it with a visit to the beautiful city of Prague. Without a doubt the most beautiful city I have ever been in. The place is just covered in magnificent old buildings and monuments. Everything is just so bloody old. Bridges and buildings go back to the thirteenth century and the surprising thing about it is that it wasn't that long ago that Prague was shut off behind the iron curtain. The city is now a renowned university hotspot with students from all corners studying in Prague and although it's ancient the place has a real sharp vibe with edgy fashion and really cool bars and cafe's. Another city I could definitely live in.

We've decided to try and make Gallipoli for Anzac day so after only one real day in Prague we headed down through the Czech Republic to Cesky Krumlov. Another small but beautiful UNESCO world heritage site. It seems like every corner you go around there is something. Pushing on through we headed through to Austria, over and under some of the Alps, back into Germany unknowingly and finally back into Austria and are currently in Graz. I could give a detailed account of most of these towns but suffice to say that if you're into old buildings and history then Europe is the place for you. If you're also into the best food you'll ever taste and cheap beer sold by the half litre then this is also the place for you. For a committed fat antique junky with a drinking problem, i believe i'm in heaven.
Graz is another one of those places that is like a postcard. We are here in Spring so the weather is mild and really comfortable. Everybody seems happy to be out and getting heaps of exercise. Spring must bring a real optimism to places that have long winters. A sign in the city said be careful of avalanches.... coming off the roofs above. Imagine if you were having a bad day and half a ton of snow landed on you from twenty feet up, just to cap it off. Seemed too funny for words. I'm really enjoying the sophistication of these cities after coming from Asia. Gone is the smell and dirt and dust only to be replaced by spotless streets with beautiful smells coming from bakeries and deli's. Unfortunately we can'y stay so it's off to Ljubljana.

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