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To say the water temperature along the Adriatic coast is a little chilly at this time of year is like saying it can get a tad warm in Death Valley in Summer. I’m convinced Polar Bears come here for holidays. Looks can be deceptive as the warm days, crystal clear water and calm seas look inviting. The challenge went out early to see who was foolhardy enough to take a dip and of course there was no doubt, one in all in (except Pat, she’s the brains of the outfit and a girl). Matt braved the dive first and the cold literally took his breath away, instead of the usual yahoo it was more pure concentration and a steady stroke back in mumbling to himself about hypothermia, no smiles at all…not a good sign for me. I’d convinced myself that something so beautiful couldn’t possibly be so harmful and that Matt was a weakling so in I dived off the jetty ( we decided off the Jetty rather than the beach so full wetness and no going back). The cold hits with a serious shock to the body and like Matt I just wanted out. fast! I can say without any doubt in my mind that it was the coldest water I have ever been in. The temperature outside the water was about 17 degrees and it felt warm as soon as you were out. Brenton hadn’t witnessed our efforts because he was at the shops with Pat but when he returned we were waiting, convincing him that it wasn’t that bad. He was in mid dive when Matt told him he was lying. For the normally reserved person Brenton is it was hilarious to hear the string of expletives coming from him although again in a serious concentrated whisper. Matt and I tried one more time to see if it really was that cold and it wasn’t any easier the second time around. A thirty minute shower for Matt to warm up. Later in the day Bren fell in fully dressed. Don’t know what happened, one minute he’s throwing rocks off the pathway, next he’s tripped over his own feet and ended up coming up like a dunked kitten.
Pat and I took the bikes and had a great afternoon to ourselves around Senj. We rode the bikes up to the old castle, back down for a drink in a small pub and then decided we needed haircuts. Through gestures, pointing and probably a little interpretive dance we managed to get across what we wanted, mine was easy, anything is an improvement but the girl’s take their hair a little more seriously. Anyway good result after all the miming. The day was finished off with dinner at the pub and watching the mother of all electrical storms from the relative safety of our tin can. Off to Split tomorrow. Andiamo.

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