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Back in Beijing, haggling at Yashow

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Beijing the second time around has been a much easier ride for us. We are masters of the underground and for about 30 cents you can get anywhere in the city. We've been taking in some of the sights and sampling more of the food. As we get to know the area we are in we seem to be finding the little gems that every city has tucked away around corners and down alleyways. We've just about seen most of the tourist attractions in Beijing so now its going to lesser known markets and coffee and cake on a street corner watching the throngs of people move through. We've been back to the clothing market ( Yashow ) and Matty bought himself a genuine knockoff Rolex at the Silk market for 60Yuan. He got it down from about 2200. I've had a ball haggling with the sellers. It's all pretty well good humored. Go's something like this.
Seller: how much you want to pay for those jeans, top quality, I give you best price. ( types on massive calculator 600Y)
Me : I thought you were going to be nice, i don't want them now, too expensive
Seller: don't be mean, ok, ok only for you, no profit for me 400Y
Me : no, no more joking 50Y
Seller : (looks pouty) you not my friend, i give you best price, no more joking. 280Y
This continues on for another 5-10 minutes while she accuses me of being a tight arse, on one occasion i was told I was a bad father, there's no profit, I should go somewhere else and that I must be joking asking that price. I say that the quality isn't that good, I can get it cheaper in Vietnam, another seller offered it cheaper, and she started the joking asking that price anyway. Eventually
Me: (Stern face) Last offer, no more joking and just because you're nice. (type in 95Y )
Seller: Ohh! just because i need the sale, ( starts putting the jeans in a bag) types in 120 Y. Shakes her head and says she's too soft.
Me : 100 Y that's it. Ok deal?
Seller : Ok deal, you good negotiator!
Me: yeah sure

Andiamo mike

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Can one get a degree in haggling, Mike? We reckon you'd s*** it in. Mum and Stan.

by lilyq

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